This is where you could find the boys most of the time...playing 360. My son is sufficiently HOOKED on boxing now, thanks Noah!

I just may have the best looking daddy in the world....and to think, he's so close to 50 that it's singeing his nose hairs! HA! I love you daddy...this pic was taken after we'd eaten those ribs that he'd slaved over....hahahaaha

My step-mum, Sandra.....she spent a lot of time cooking *thanks!*....see those red hots in the background? She made the best Wassial that I've ever had....and I drank 3 cups to prove it! I love you lady:) You always go out of your way to make everything special for me....if I don't say it enough, it means so much to me...and I have to say....that pineapple in the pie...you can Hawaiian it up every year!

John Reese pieces:) Cutest little buger!

Me and Daryl. Really, we can't mess a picture up, can we!? HA! I love you so much...and I hate leaving you:( But I am looking forward to more frequest visits in PC! YEHAW:)

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