April Fool's~~~

Yesterday was April Fool's Day, but I got a late start on the holiday. *for those who don't know me well enough to read between the lines here, that means....I FORGOT! haha!* So instead of just "starting over" and faking it on the 2nd, I decided to go ahead and start ~fooling~ around after the kids got home and then carry it over to the next morning *to make a day of it!*

Mean mum that I am, I replaced the kids homework pencils with fakey's! The kids had a nice time trying to figure out why they couldn't pick up the quarter's that I'd superglued to the sidewalk up front.......and when I told Brooke to wash her hands in the kitchen sink, she got pretty irritated when the hose sprayed her in the face! *I wrapped the handle with a rubberband..hehe* But the day was late...and this mum was out of clever tricks. I tucked the kids into their beds and kissed them goodnight....and waited for the best part of my April Fool's plan.

The great "switcharoo"!

After the kids were good and asleep, I snuck into their rooms, swapped their underwear.....put Bub in Brooke's bed, and Brooke in Bub's bed. Now all I had to do was wait for morning to unveil my trickery....mwahahahaha!

I went first to Brooke's room to wake Bub. I sat beside him and shook him, saying "Wake up Brooke! It's time for school! It's your field day, Stringbean!" I am not kidding you. The boy popped up and moaned a great big, "ooohhhh nooooo" moan! He touched my hand and looked at me with confusion in his eyes. I kept calling him Stringbean, Brooke, little princess....the poor kid was freaking OUT! He looked at his hands, then at his body....only to find...MINNIE MOUSE UNDERWEAR!!! OMG! You should have seen his F*A*C*E*! He just kept moaning this pitiful moan because he couldn't figure out if I'd gone crazy or if he'd really switched bodies with his sister!!! Oh the fun:)

After giving in and admitting that he was in fact, still Bub, we went to wake Brooke. As per usual for the girl....she didn't like been shaken awake. She really didn't like being called, "Bub" or "Little". There was no confusion here...only irritation that she was being awakened from her night's sleep, and that she was wearing boy undies. She's no fun in the mornings, I tell ya;)

She did have a nice little giggle over the story about Bub thinking he'd was stuck inside his sister's body though:)

Hope everyone had a fun April Fool's Day!

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