one down.....

I had a creative hair pop up today and decided to start on my trivets. Here is the first one that I've gotten finished! I first coated it with acrylic adhesive, which is water/heat proof. I then attached pretty cardstock and decorative goodies with the adhesive as well. Coated all in adhesive, then mod-podge, and will coat again with more mod-podge and an acrylic sealant. I think it's very pretty;) For the first time doing one, I think it turned out really well!



I also started on some reversible deco coasters...used pretty papers, acrylic adhesive, and decoupage glues. I distressed the edges *I distress....EVERYTHING!*...and voila! Will post pics of those when the stack is complete *I only got 2 of them done today, and will tie them with a pretty ribbon and add to the stack of things that I will eventually be posting on Etsy:)*


Lori said...

good job! at first when i only saw the FT pic I was racking my brain to figure out why on earth you would put FT on a tile LOL

cattytg said...

Cool stuff! Your so creative! I'm waiting for the warmer weather (yes, it's STILL freakin' cold here) to start some yard saling of my own. You've inspired me!