*there should be* No need for words...

but I can't resist....*maybe it's the teeth?? hehe*

I was going to use this pic for another "wordless wednesday" post, but couldn't resist writing a little ditty about my crazy kids. This pic captures their goofy personalities to a "T"! I am so blessed to have children who love each other as much as these two do. One is always on the lookout for the other....granted, they do their fair share of sibling fighting, but for the most part, my kids adore being with each other. I am happiest when I am with these two muffin heads:) Nothing hits me in the heart like a wedding kiss from Bub, or a random, "You're the best mum in the whole world!" from my Stringbean. There's a new song on the radio, "You're Gonna Miss This"....and it sums up my life *as I am sure it does of most mum's*! I dread the day these two leave my home for good...I dread the moment that hugs no longer make all things right for them...when my arms can no longer shelter them from heartache. When the world sneaks in and steals them away from me...when they truly become one with THEMSELVES...and no longer need their mum's hugs and kisses to right their lives. I do encourage their independence...but I am in constant remembrance that their childhood is precious and sadly, quickly fleeting. I am determined to have no regrets concerning the time I spent with them as little ones. It's the one ABSOLUTE thing in my life that I have control over, and I am bent on not regretting a second:)

So I cherish every moment...every second...every opportunity that I have to MOTHER them. The time I spend time rolling on the grass with them, coloring under the blankets with them, planting gardens, spinning in circles, reading, bathing, and singing with them.....is the most precious part of my life. I hope they carry the memory of a mum who adored their company above anyone else's...and I hope it makes a difference in the people they chose to be when the wings are clipped..and they fly away from our cozy home;)

I love you my little muffin tops!

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lori said...

we were on our way to cleveland, the kids were in the backseat fighting and that song came on. Of course i had to cry and laugh at the same time since it was so ironic. I bet Mariah wishes you were her momma!!!