Menu Plan Monday

I've gotten slack on this...will try to keep up, if for only that *one* person who keeps asking where it's at each week...hehe;) The menu is not that impressive this week because I am not feeling all that creative. We'll be eating a lot of the old reliables!

Monday~ Popeye's chicken carry out *because the culligan people are out and we have NO use of our watering facilities to wash hands and meat....arghhhh*

Tuesday~ Fried roast w/ rice and *fresh!* steamed green beans

Wednesday~ Pork chops, mac and cheese, and french fried eggplant

Thursday~ Chicken enchilada's and cheese quesadilla's

Friday~ Shrimp and pork fried rice w/ miso soup

Easy breezy week;) I may switch the days around depending on how I am feeling! It's so dern hot here already that I am going to have to start breaking out some good...COOL...summery recipes! I'm sure we'll substitute at least one of our meals this week with fish, since we have an abundance of it in the freezer....maybe we'll just pan sear it and put it in a salad;)

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