Bubs' Field Day

Mary Jo and I went to be spectator's in what is probably one of the best things about being in elementary school....Field Day! I love Field Day....it was a lot different in Columbia then it is here though. In SC, the activities were broken down for each class and spread all over the school. Mulitple grades would go on the same day, and I volunteered to lead one of the activities, so I wasn't able to enjoy the full experience of watching my children participate. Field Day here is exactly as I remember it to be when I was in school. The only thing I'd forgotten was the heat:)

First grade had their's yesterday, 2nd grade is today. The kids are allowed to sign up for the activities that they wish to participate in *at least 3, but more if they want*...and the classes compete against each other for ribbons. I remember the feeling of coming home with all of those ribbons tied to my belt straps....so I was incredibly excited for my kids to win their own!

Bub chose to participate in 3 activities...relay, bean bag toss, and the egg race. I got a really great shot of him making a last second catch in the bean bag toss. He had fun....but I am sure that Mary Jo and I had even more fun watching him be a little boy having fun with his classmates...and he did carry that blue ribbon around with him for the rest of the day!

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Faith and Chad & the boys said...

Ahhh, field day, doesn't that bring back the best memories in childhood? Your son is so cute, and I love your nicknames for them.