I will never forget.....

to wear sunscreen when I go to the beach!!!!

We took the boat out again this weekend to a great little cove that Brandon found the day before when he went fishing with a friend. We're able to pull the boat closer to shore without getting marrooned *refer to previous post*!! It's absolutely P*E*R*F*E*C*T because we're able to anchor down in shallow, waveless water on one side of the little island, and walk to the other side to enjoy open water and shell hunting. It's like a mini island, only it's attached to the mainland, hence why I called it a "cove"...lol! *btw, I am super excited that B found this place because Courtney is scared of big waves, so she'll be able to choose her side when L comes this summer!* The kids had a blast shell hunting and digging for clams....and we discovered that Hobbes is quite the water dog;) It was pretty funny watching him growl at jellyfish and run freely up and down the sand. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten just how badly you can get burned when laying out on that white sand....so I didn't put much sunscreen on. I am now suffering the conseqences! *consequences including, not being able to sleep, turn over when I am TRYING to sleep, not being able to wear a bra, and not being able to dress myself without the help of my husband...and this morning, without the help of my daughter. very sad. very painful* So dear Mother Nature....you've reminded me of a lesson that I'd forgotten in my absence of these wonderful beach's....a lesson that I am not soon to forget:) I am in the process of buying stock in sunblock, thank you very much!

Here are a few pics from Sunday *I wish I'd taken more, but I was too wrapped up in what we were doing to actually stop and take them!*

don't look too closey...don't want you finding any bogey's or nosehairs:)

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