~happy....way deep inside~

My daddy and Sandra came this weekend for a quickie visit and, as usual, we had a really great time. Unfortunately...it rained all day Saturday:( Still, we had fun hanging out, going to MargaritaVille *even though it really IS overrated!HA!*, meeting up with Chris and Daren at the mall, chowing down on some fresh seafood....and just spending time talking. My daddy is one of my favorite people in the world, and his amazing wife is sitting right up there with him! I love you two so very much....thank you for getting by on a little sleep just to come see us! I am counting down the days until I see you again:) *I do have a pic that I will be adding to this post, but it is late...and I am tired, so I will do it later!*

~~as a side note. something VERY VERY special and wonderful happened this weekend. something that I've wanted to happen for so long now. I've cried from the sheer happiness that fills my entire being at this moment. I am thankful beyond imagination...but I had to somehow try to expess my utter contentment so I would never forget when it happended and how I felt when it did! I love you my two dad's:) So very much....~~

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