someone's trash........

i found this treasure trove of goodies last weekend at a yardsale.....I have many things planned for these lovelies!

~~the large white frame($1) is going to be washed up and sprayed with acrylic paint, then i am putting a fabric covered corkboard inside, and it will find a home on Brooke's wall.

~~the groovy lamp($1) is getting re-wired *using the lampworks from a lamp that i was unable to get rid of in my OWN yardsale* and will make it's home in the living room on a magazine rack that I bought 3 weeks ago at a yardsale *will post pics of that when i finish painting it*.

~~the swimming pool tiles($1) will be decoupaged into trivets, and will find their way onto etsy:)

~~the fabric( .30 for ALL) will be sewn into a shirt for Brooke, and clothes for her dolls.

~~the chair($2) will be recovered and washed down, then sat in the corner of the music room.

~~the window pane($5) is something i found on the way home from getting the kids today....a lady had a whole slew of them propped up on a wheelbarrow, so i stopped and made this little beauty my own! i love the color already, so will do nothing to it other than wipe her off and add hanging hooks. i'm thinking she'll grace the wall next to my bedroom...but i may put her in the living room instead!

can you believe that i got ALL of this great stuff for a mere $10.30!? YOWZA!! the saying is true...."One man's trash....another's treasure!"


chelemom said...

Would love to see what you create with these!

~Deborah~ said...

I sure do hope your going to post the finished products! Im looking forward to seeing!
ps.. Thanks for the Kinds words!