get in my BELLY!

Cappy went sharking last night.

Sharking is when you go fishing, only you're not planning on catching any fish....just shark. yes, i made that up, but pretty clever if you ask me.

anyhow. Toby and Desiree went along with him for what turned out to be a fun night of shark wrangling! They used spanish mack for bait, but apparently the water was full of sharks that were already in feeding mode......and you can see from the haul that they brought home, sharking came easy for them;)

Beautiful creatures, aren't they? It really is a sight to watch them feed while you're standing onshore. We've been out at Mexico Beach around sunset and have seen them swim up into the surf while they are feeding.....it's an amazing experience.

None of them are going waste, I assure you. If you've never tasted shark, you need to add it to your list of things to do before you die. It has a very distinct flavor...very rich. Cappy fried and pan-seared some tonight for dinner.....I'm told that the skin makes an excellent seafood broth too, but I've never tried it. Cappy came up with this little creation...shark with pan-seared onions and tomatoes. It was pretty tasty!

I'm also throwing in a pic of the crabcakes that I made to go along with the shark....none of that prepacked frozen FAUX crab for me...these are fresh, lump crab cakes. Beyond yummy:)


lori said...

good job cappy!
I can't wait to taste them :-)

Mandi said...

That looks wonderful!!! Shark is very popular in Australia (I wonder why???? all that coastline), we have take out food places called fish and chip shops (when we say chips we mean french fries) the main fish that is served at the fish and chip shops is shark - but they call it flake!!! Its really good!! Most people get is covered in batter and deep fried, but I usually get it grilled and they coat it in a light dusting of flour with salt and pepper and then lightly grill it on a hot plate - so good!!! Then they put it all into a cardboard tray with lemon wedges and wrap it in paper and thats how you take it home!!!