Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative shared a list of her splurges a few weeks ago...I thought it was a cute idea, so I am stealing it to share over here:) I am ever on the lookout for a good deal and I really don't tend to splurge on ANYTHING. So you may laugh when you read my little list of "splurges". After you read mine, share yours and link me up to your post...I'd love to read them!

  1. Starbucks coffee~ This may on the list of many other tightwads as well. I treat myself maybe once every other week....for one, each trip costs me at least 4 bucks...add that to the high calorie content and you'll understand why this is my slurge.

  2. Amish swiss cheese~ I recently discovered a little farmers market up the road from my house that sells Amish products *canned pickles, butter, chowchow, salsas....* that are made in Millersburg, Ohio. Millersburg is right next to Wooster where Lori was raised. I adore cheese, but Lori has told me repeatedly that none compares to the Amish made cheese....I know have to say the lady is right! I am addicted to this cheese even though it costs me 6.95 a block. sprinkle a little salt on it and I am good to go;) Maybe knowing that it came from the place L grew up makes it taste a little better too though...hehe

  3. Magazines~ Every year I tell myself that I am going to save about $15 a month by NOT buying them anymore....and every year I fail! I do have to pat myself on the back though, because I no longer buy trash mags like US or In Touch:) My personal favs that I simply NEVER miss are Rachael Ray's Everyday, Mary Engelbright's Home Companion, and Country Sampler. I love love LOVE these magazines and I promise that I totally get my money's worth of ideas from these 3:)

  4. Scrapbook paper~ Ugh. My biggest weakness. I've spent $20 on SINGLE SHEET papers at one time. To prevent my overindulging, I only go to The Scrapbook Studio ONCE a month. The girl always has new paper and I can't help myself....especially now that I've started using the paper to make frames! I need to clean my paper box out in a bad way...but I'm so darn stingy that I don't want anyone else having my paper!!

  5. Lunch~ ok, this sounds goofy, so let me clarify. I love to eat out for lunch. I know I could save a LOT of money if I were to stay home and eat cucumbers and cheese everyday....but food is one of the biggest loves of my life;0 I like to try new places and find little hole in the wall places to eat at. It's an adventure of sorts...that breaks up the monotony of my day! I've discovered some of the best sushi dives, chicken salad recipes, and specialty salad dressing...all from eating out at lunch! This is probably my biggest splurge since my bill can add up to $40 some weeks:(

  6. Name brand food~ ughhh, I hate admitting this, but I never buy off brand stuff. When B and I first got married I did....but over the years I've learned that I waste more when I go off brand. You'll only find Kraft mac and cheese...LaSuer pea's...Green Giant vege's...in my cabinet.... I'm such a food snob:( Oddly enough though...I DO prefer offbrand bread to Sunbeam *and that is because off brand is drier than the more expensive brands...and I like my bread dry...lol*

....so that list doesn't look like much in most people's books...notice that you don't see shoes/purses on my list? I love shoes as much as the next girl, but I prefer to buy mine off the clearance rack at TJMaxx or Ross'. *told you I am a cheapskate!* I honestly can't think of one more thing to add to the list though! Now, for a few things that I WOULD splurge on if someone saw fit to bless me with splurge money:)

1. A Big Chill Fridge. Not sure what color I would go for, but you know me and yellow! This is my DREAM fridge...would take the matching gas range as well;)

2. A sewing/craft room that is as cute as this one! Look at the color of that table! ahh, the space, the all around whimsy of it...I am so in love with this room that I am leaving my husband to marry it!

3. Vacation~ ohhhhh I wish we could splurge a few times a year to see more of the world! My first stop would be Africa....specifically the beaches! B dreams of cage diving with sharks, so he could do that here while I lay out and explore the mainland:) Someday......

and this is all I can think of to splurge on at the moment...I'm not a girl of many wants:) But it is oh so nice to dream isn't it?

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