Spring Break kickoff!

The kids are on Spring Break this week, so we took them to the park for a pic-nic to kick it off properly:) Tammie and the boys met Mary Jo and I there...the kids had a lot of fun;) Here are some pics I took.....I told MJ and Tammie that I would have absolutely NO social life if I carried this camera everywhere I went....it's INCREDIBLE~and the results that I get from it give me butterflies:) Sorry for the number of pics this time...I couldn't pick a few favs! I made the size of the pics smaller, so click on each one to see just how incredible the resolution is!! I am in looove....with a camera:)

Mary Jo had to get in on the fun;)

annnd they all fall down~


look...a monkey!

tammie, mary jo, and me...by Bub the photographer:)

~the thinker~


if you look closely, you'll see that Jared's socks are covered in fire ants..OUCH!

Tammie and the boys~glad you guys could come today!

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