Lori, Liz *her sis*, and I are planning a "great escape" mini vacation to Disney World~~it's been in the works for a few months now.......I am super excited. We're doing crazy things like having yardsales and selling our platelets to save the money to go~*ok, the blood thing was a joke, but not a bad idea* :) I thought having a special t-shirt made for us to wear would be just the thing to pep up the excitement *as if we NEEDED help doing that!*......so here is a pic of a t-shirt idea that I am playing around with. I couldn't change the color of the shirt on the website.....but I was thinking pink shirts w/ black or grey writing. I love the Tinkerbell insignia, but am still on the lookout for simple Mickey ears to use in its place. I loooove this idea and it will be fun to brand ourselves for one day of our trip, don't you think? Lori, Liz.......I can hardly wait for our "Great Escape!".............hmmm, maybe I should change that to our great "MousEscape!" clever clever;)

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