spent yesterday updating my computer....and trying to get the dern thing back online....i d'loaded a new version of NIS and from that moment on (Friday evening) I couldn't get online....grrr thought it may have been the storm that messed up w/ the server....then found out it was b/c i downloaded the new thing. all's well now *fingers crossed*. so, talked to my brother yesterday and he's may come for a visit this summer if he doesn't go on vacation w/ his g'friends family *fingers crossed that he doesn't...lol* really need to see him and think i am going to go crazy if i don't b4 Father's Day, which, btw, i am taking another 10 hour trip to Ms....was going to fly but ticket prices have gone UP, my guess due to GAS PRICES...tonight is a new d'housewives AND grey's anatomy!!! yipeeeeee....my fridge is full of leftovers...yep, i know what we're having for dinner! also, anyone feel like making a trip to SC to loan me a truck?!?! (need you dad...lol) brandon and a friend tried putting it 2gether yesterday but the pieces didn't fit...hrmmmm....so i have to take it BACK to the store and stuff another one into my jeep...which is NOT fun to do b/c once it's in i can't see the road and i have to stay in one lane no matter how slow it is moving or else i could run right over someone. THEN unloading it is quite a booger. someone HELP! still working on Stardust it is such a good book! i can not stress how beautiful this story is! you must read

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