peel me off this chair

can someone tell me if it's tacky to buy birthday presents on ebay?? not that i care...just ummmm a friend wants to know!!! hehe.....cleaned my entire house yesterday so 2day i am feeling like a really accomplished gal2day! the girl's room is TOTALLY organized and the boy's room has never looked better....freaked the dog out b/c he doesn't like when i move furniture around. he spent 30 minutes sitting in front of the boy's doorway barking at a bookshelf that i pulled out of the closet. if you can call his high pitched squealing barking. too funny. the dog has officially taken my place in bed next to my hubby. went to sleep and he was curled around the dog....all cuddled up nice and cozy. nice surprise when i woke up and found his arm around meeeeee...and the dog on the FLOOR. score one for wife! then Brandon woke up and put the dog back on the bed so maybe his cuddle mistook me for the dog...lol...on my nightstand: >"Funny in Farsi ; A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America" by Firoozeh Dumas really good book. Recommend it to ANYONE! really into bios...wonder how i have time to read so much? i'm a "speed reader" and i can read a good book in just a few hours....lucky for me eh?

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