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so i found out that i will not die some painful death if i miss as episode of The O.C. altough i do feel a bit of tightness in my chest....maybe that's from holding my breath though, eh? (laugh all u want lil bro). went to Finley park 2day and had a really good time. if you've never been u must go..the waterfalls are amazing and the park is just right for the kiddos. i'm trying to stop w/ all the .....'s and i am having a hard time. i think it drives some crazy that i don't type in proper english so i'm making a little effort to make the reading a bit easier on the eyes.but i refuse to use cap's. too much trouble. after F'Park, we went to EdVenture. i love that place! almost as much as the kiddos do. we had a lot of fun chasing each other w/ the spider in the camp room. last night i started crossing my eyes at bub and it terrified the boy! it was too funny esp b/c he was terrified but kept on asking for more. what a goon. so tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the day my momma died. there i said it. been keeping very busy this week to keep my mind off of it. one year. 12 months.365 days. seems like yesterday yet seems like a lifetime ago. we're planting a mini rose bush up front to mark the day.i didn't think i could miss anyone more after Ricky...but i was wrong.


'Thought & Humor' said...

Thought I would stop in to say, "Hi"!!!

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shelbey said...

i kno....i thought about it too...and funny thing is is that i went to my " thought place" (which is quote on quote "the creek" lol) and i planted a lil sumthin down there too...mom didnt kno bout it though...its sumthin i like to do on my own...but i kno....after Ricky's death(or as the years went by) i knew how much i missed him...and how much it hurt cuz i realli didnt remember him that much...i wanna watch that video dad has of him the day he left w/daryl and daren...but idk if i could handle it...i have 2 memories of him...they r the things i look at when im down...so there are things i DO keep with me...