ok, so i can't get the pics any bigger. this is driving me crazy trying to fig out how to make my pics bigger...all i can tell you for now is to click on the pic and you'll be directed to Image Shack....click on the pic there and it'll be bigger. argh. i'll figure this out. eventually. working on a new book "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman. reminds me of English Lit....but written in the 21st century. it's vivid and magically written....the man is gifted in prose....i think i am putting this one in the top ten i've ever read...taking a bit longer to read b/c it's actually WELL written and i don't want to miss a line! if you like The Brothers Grimm, you'll like this one. now, spent yesterday morn on the phone w/ a guy from St Leo's...i am planning on beginning online courses this August....applying under Lib Arts...wanna get all the basics out of the way b4 i decide exactly what i want to major in, but i have a pretty good idea (no, not telling in case i DO change my mind) btw, DARYL, if i can do this w/ 2 kiddos @home....get off your bum and do it to~i know you can and i believe in YOU! love youuuuu...hey ginger~ ride him about going back to school ok!!!? started crying in the car this morn on the way back from the post office b/c i miss ya so much~you realllly need to find a job closer to me and move your bootie this way. or visit, which ever's easier.....Brandon went in earlier 2day so i'm sure he'll get off earlier~yehaw~!!

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Chris said...

Hey girl! I'm so glad you chose Saint Leo, I really think you'll like it! I did two years with them. My first year, dh was in Korea (three kids with me) 2nd year, dh was here and I still had three kids. LOL! If I can do it, you can! you'll have tons of fun!