?what am i doing

ok. so i can't fig out how to write AND post a pic on here together, but i'll get there. swear i'm wishing i had've taken that xtra comp class in high school....now i'm reduced to checking out books from the library on how to create my own page....wanted it to be easy to learn so i got the website for dummies book....may as well be a greek novel.....sigh. getting there slowly. said all that to say this, i wanted everyone to see what a cutie muh lil man is...a friend took this pic (T'Y samantha!!) at an egghunt and i loved it! he's mad at me b/c he thought he had water in the cup, instead it was sprite....love his little yoda ears.....nothing exciting happened 2day....grocery shopping @wallyworld and 4got to pay for some pics that i had developed.....before you cuff me up, i DID NOT DO IT ON PURPOSE! you try getting out of that store w/ 2 kiddos stuffed in a buggy w/ bags and never 4get to put something on that belt. saint i ain't but i am going back 2morrow to pay for them......hubby went BACK to the hospital for his pesky pnemothorax....wish to GOD they'd fix him up............dad A'Fool'd me 2day, called to tell me he traded his truck in on a new mercede's SUV.....granted, doesn't sound like a good A'Fool's, but i'm so gullible....he got a good laugh anyhow. now, gotta find a pic of my grrl to show off on here......

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