screwed up

i did something yesterday to my blog template and i can't seem to fix it...grrr....i may have to start over which is really screwed b/c i hate starting anything.over.again.
my man has learned to play "This Year's Love" by David Grey....(in an hours time at that...the marvels of me man)yayyy something i like to listen to...actually he plays quite a bit that i like to listen to, but this is by far my fav so far. next on my list is "Chariot" Gavin DeGraw.
took the dog to the vet 2day b/c the ppl were coming to finally fix the moldy MOULDING on our pantry door and find/fix the leak that was the cause of the moldy moulding. felt really guilty that i was leaving him and he made me feel even more like a heel when i heard him squealing from his cage in the wall. sigh. then when we picked him up (hubb got off early and went w/ us) hobbes got car sick and barfed on my seat...and like all things of a liquid consistency, it drained down between the consol. my gag reflux kicked in and needless to say, hubb had cleaning duty when we got home.
then the storm came. my dear darling little girl helped me gather toys from the back yard in a panic...the wind blew them nearly into our neighbors yard (mind you, we have a privacy fence all the way around the backyard so that was some serious blowing) not 5 min later, it rained. stopped. and that was all of the "nadoes" (as the boy called it). oh and while the girl and i were frantically picking up toys, he was standing in the doorway barking out orders. what a little man he is turning in to
planted the rose bush today but spent the better part of 2day keeping my mind very occupied. this "this time last year" replay is not doing my mind any good so i've forced my mind to think of other things. like if heaven is really like they say it is, i'm sure she and ricky are having quite a bit of fun up there. wonder if they wish we were there as much as i wish they were here?
quite that time o'the month and i am craving brownies. diet out the window (sigh, again) i neeed them NOW! they are still in the box yet i can smell them already. time's a wastin' gotta get to bakin'. (yeah i know it's corny but i needed to get that little ditty off of my chest)

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Echo said...

Brownies are my comfort food, too! :D

We were up at the new A.J. Wright in Forest Plaza when the storm came. GOODNESS! It was quite a storm - the lights were flickering in the store. lol