crazy world

this is my response to a post i read 2day from a group of SAHM's that i belong to....I remember a time when my mom left our windows open at night and our back door unlocked....when my grandparents NEVER locked their door....when my mom left my brothers and i playing in the front yard and we didn't even have a fence! i live in paranoia that someone will take my kiddos or that someone will hop in my car and we'll never see the ppl we love again. I check and REcheck my windows at night and on TOP of the security system, i have window locks that i bought at Home Depot installed on my babies windows (and they sleep UPstairs)..sometimes i feel a twinge of regret at having babies just b/c of this crazy world that i have to bring them up in....and i wonder what it'll be like when THEY are my age and having babies. scary. am i the only crazy one here?? kiddos are out back right now playing on the swingset that my hubby and i couldn't finish putting 2gether b/c i am too short to hold the dern thing up! bless their hearts....they have the swing seat on the ground are pretending they are flying through the air...weeeeeeeing and everything! silly goons. finished a book 2day "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffinone of the better fiction books that i've read lately. somewhere along the lines of shopaholic books so of course i loved it....if you've ever stolen a boyfriend or ever felt next best, this book is for you...listening to The Best of Keith Whitley...this voice is a huge part of my childhood. my daddy listened to him when i was little and i remember holding a hairbrush standing on our fireplace singing along to Keith Whitley. found THIS cd on EBAY....for 95 cents...woohoo...but thinking this is my find for the year since i have been searching for a KW Cd for several years.

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