ok. so my computer decided to poop on me wed night. my computer's power box blew to bits and the dern thing wouldn't even turn on. so the PC guy (PC Handyman Tom Shull who is amazing and cheap and i will pass on his # all u need to do is ask) came out friday and had the wrong part w/ him. rescheduled and he came 2day and fixed her up. so i'm BACK.yehaw. but in place of my computer being dwn i have felt like horsepoo the past few days....felt kinda fluish and just yuck. really need to get to the doc for a checkup. took the kiddos to a really neat park yesterday and halk hiked through the woods...didn't finish b/c we were by ourselves. this morn bubba said something really cute.....i always hug him and ask,"what would i do without you my little??" (little is my pet name for him) he hugged me back and said, "mommy you would just fall on your head!" then he laughed like he had made the funniest joke in the world! it was too cute. read another book and currently working on 2...yes TWO...others.....i discoverd Neil Gaiman andi am tearing through everything of his that i can.. he paints a beautiful and imaginative picture in every book he writes. taking Hobbes to the vet 2morrow....and hopefully meeting some other mommies at the park on Wed.....right now i just need to get rid of this headache that i've been carrying around the past 2 months. 5 days to a year.

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