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Blink by Malcolm Gladwell Even After All This Time,Afschineh Latifi The World is flat, Thomas L Friedman

took the kiddos to eat sushi 2day (lucky for me they love sushi)...but now i'm dealing w/ sushi breath...ugh. maybe it was the spicy tuna that did it...or wasabi? who knows, but it's quite the bugger. brandon washed Hobbes 2nite and i had towel duty. well dunno what happened but the dog got sick on me and threw up...barely missed my hand but didn't miss my floor...so i cleaned it up since brandon was brushing his teeth. then he did it again.....on his bed...and once again i had to clean it up. i'm hereby declaring this dog my 3rd child. i feed him, take him to the doc, clean up his poop and pee, and now i'm cleaning up puke. didn't sign up for this. wonder if there is such thing as doggie nannies?? 2morrow i'm meeting a new friend at Pooh park....i'm addicted to the place! then *fingers crossed* i'm taking them to EdVenture on thursday after we go to the park w/ another playgroup we belong to....i love when my week is busy and i have something to do besides stay at home and mommy.....

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