something is stuck in my throat and has been for 5 days. driving me crazy...tv talk....d'housewives last night was soso. the gaby/carlos thing is great....keeps me on the edge wondering what's going to become of these 2...esp now that she's preggo! (with the gardeners baby?????hmmmm) grey's anatomy...not enough Dempsey air time last night, but the show was good. liking this show better than ER....bit more laughs inside all the drama which makes for a nice watch....you get even more blood/surgery action, but you're brought right back from the brink of pukedom w/ a quick quip...wait. wasn't this how ER started? hmm fingers are crossed that G'anatomy will stay around for quite a long time. season finale of Lost is this week...i skip some episodes but will def tune in for this one. i have a lot of unanswered Q's...kinda like everybody else in the world hmm? taking the kiddos and the dog for a walk to the park~~~

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