scrape me off this floor

...why is it whenever the slightest thing feels different in my body i just know i am about to keel over...felt tightness in my tummy and got icredibly dizzy and just knew i was on my way to the morgue.....always forget what gas feels like until i have a gas problem.......anyone get hooked on Grey's Anantomy last week? the TV stays on ABC every Sunday night....from 7 (AFV)...8(X-makeover home)...9(D'Housewives) and 10 (G'Anatomy)...I am another fixture in the living room.....there for no other reason then to watch TV. leave me alone, go away....hopefully they'll keep the news at 11 so i can get some sleep.............finished my book 2day (The Journal of Mortifying Moment by Robyn Harding) very funny and i recommend it for a good laugh(esp mortifying moment #9)...was in TEARS by the end of this book.....the style reminds me of Shopaholic books (Sophie Kinsella i believe)....which i recommend alsoooo....had red beans and rice 2night and spent most of dinner picking out the peppers and onions from Brookes...she's such a picky eater and i believe she thinks she'll die a horrible green particle death if she accidentally gets one caught in her mouth...oh the joys of parenthood....the swingset is STILL sitting in its' box in the backyard..need to get off my bum and buy a wrench so i can think about putting it together....thinking of adding celeb stuff to my page (i'm addicted to a blog called *pink is the new blog*...and it's really cool) so if i am about to start advertising on here, i'd better find something to keep ya'll coming back.......we'll seeeeee

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