don't really feel like writing but u need to know that while i think i'm dying, i am still breathing at least. something about being a woman...or maybe it's just that i'm being a mommy....whenever anything hurts, be it my head, my tummy, my chest or my toenail, i think i'm walking on borrowed time. weird. so i think i had a bad cup of coffee this morn. when i say bad i mean caffeine overload. i think they Quad'd my beans or something, b/c about 10 min after i finshed my cup i had a massive migraine set up camp in my head. not even midol helped. and of course, this on a day that i actually had things to do. then around 5 (i had the joe around 10)...my stomach went to town on me. thought i was going to have to pitch tent in the b'room but took a quick lay down on the couch and felt betta. made eggrolls and had to literally prop myself up on the counter to roll them (btw, i make hella good eggrolls, better than the chinese**ask my hub if u don't believe me) they were yum as usual but the rice was ergh. i used leftover basmati from dinner last night (i made chicken curry) and forgot about the curry seasoning in the rice so i had indian/chinese rice 2nite.
one of the kiddos made a nice little turd in the tub 2nite. YAAYYY another yummy for mommy to clean up! finally got them to clean their rooms GOOD...and after book at bedtime we talked about what they want to be when they grow up....Brooke still wants to be a ballerina and Bub still wants to be a doctor...but this time he wants to go to "mystery places with pirates when he comes home from work with his doctor friends"....lol.....my kiddos are the AB greatest.

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