sundaysunday....nana nanana

found out what would happen if you left the water running in your kitchen sink for 30 minutes. and i must say that they are rigging up sinks pretty well these days b/c it was nothing like you see on TV....no mess. nothing. so in a way it was a bit disappointing....the water just neatly ran over into the other side of the sink. blahblah
went g'shopping this afternoon and stopped by World Market. i've found the cannister set that i want finally!! i bought the pasta jar and i'll go back next week to but more pieces to the set...really cute, clear glass w/ silver metal labels. clean and neat...kinda the new thing i;m doing w/ my kitchen. it's so hard to decide how to deco my kitchen b/c there are so many diff looks that i like. soooo i've decided to take bits and pieces and mix them all. i want to paint but now brandon is talking about buying sooner than we'd planned so i'm putting THAT on hold. i have a new addiction. drawer pulls. drawer knobs.drawer hardware. whatever u want to call it....i can't get enough! i bought a set on e-bay last month and i found another MATCHING set 2 days ago...hopefully w/in 2 months i'll have enough knobs to cover every drawer. patience is a virtue that i am learning.
killer toothache that's reminding me to make dentist appt's ASAP.
kiddos and i were watching Food Network 2 day and they were inspired. so i let them create their own lunch. they were so excited! as they pulled bread, cheese, mayo, chocolate syrup, and sweet pickle relish from the fridge i wondered if this was such a good idea. but they were beside themselves w/ excitment over their own creations that they ate every last bite. yum

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