~starry surprise~

OMG! was anyone else blown away by AI 2nite? for once i can't decide who i want to leave... Anwar blew me out of the water 2nite....contrary to the judges opinion, i think Carrie was WOW...surprisingly Anthony shocked my pants off, but have to say Constantine was my fav of the night. he blew my socks off!! so, now that i'm blown straight into the water and almost naked, how was my day? i took the kiddos to this children's garden called Pooh Park...which, btw, is this park is incredible.. .going back friday on a picnic *hopefully*...joined a group of SAHM's in NE columbia so some of us are planning on meeting there.....hope it dries up b4 then. 2morrow is Brandon's b-day.....he'll be 28!!!!!!!!!! omg. i remember when he was 13....too funny...we're getting OLD. guess it had to happen someday......will post 2morrw gotta wrap this up b/c the storm here is freaking me out. gotta light some candles or something

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